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Salvatorian Collaborative Ministries

The Haiti Project at Riviere Mancelle
The Haiti Project is a partnership between those of us living in the first world and the impoverished people living in the parish of Riviere Mancelle, Haiti.

We have many team members from all over the country. Some people travel to Haiti to work on projects and some who work where they live. Some people help by collecting things for the shipping container, some by packing the shipping container. We have some who sponsor a child in school, some who contribute to the building fund at the Fr. Jim Agriculture Center and others who contribute to general expenses. There are as many diverse needs as there are many diverse people to meet those needs.

Project Light of Manatee
Every day, illiteracy affects over 800 million people around the world.
Project Light is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting illiteracy by employing a unique combination of software-based instruction, one-to-one tutoring, and community and faith-based Learning Centers. Over the past 28 years, over 500 Project Light Learning Centers have been established across the United States and in 35 other countries worldwide.

Salvatorian Mission Warehouse
The Salvatorian Mission Warehouse began in 1961 in a room a little larger than a walk-in closet. In the years since, it has grown into an operation that serves scores of missions in dozens of countries.

Jordon Ministry
Inspired by the vision of Father Francis Jordan, the Jordan Ministry Team, composed of members of the Salvatorian community and other religious and lay persons, promotes spiritual and religious formation programs throughout the Catholic Church in Southern Arizona. The focus of its ministry is spirituality, youth ministry and formation of lay ministers.

Anti-Human Trafficking
One cause that is at the heart of our justice mission as the Sisters of the Divine Savior is helping to put an end to human trafficking and providing support to those affected by it. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It involves controlling a person through force, fraud or coercion for labor, sexual exploitation or both. It is considered the major human rights abuse of this century. The Catholic Church vehemently opposes human trafficking based on the principles of Catholic social teaching rooted in the sacredness and dignity of human life.

Southwest Medical Aid SMA
Southwest Medical Aid, based in Tucson, Arizona is a leading distributor of humanitarian medical supplies. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and families with medical, nutritional, and hygiene needs.

SDS Tanzanian Missions
For over 50 years Salvatorians have walked the road of faith with the people of Tanzania. Through the development of educational institutions, farms, health care facilities, parishes, seminary institutions and other infrastructure development, Salvatorians have made the love of the Savior known through their work and worship. Beginning with a handful of missionaries, the number of Salvatorians engaged in ministry has grown dramatically. Today the church in Tanzania offers the world a faith-filled wisdom that only Africa can offer. In a continent where struggle and violence is often the only story that the world hears, Salvatorians are showing, through their call to proclaim the good news, that the story of Africa is a sign of hope for all of us.

Camp St. Charles
Nestled on a peninsula on the shores of the Charleston Creek and Wicomico River is a little piece of heaven called Camp St. Charles. Our rustic cabins provide the ideal setting for personal growth, connecting with God and His Creation and unplugging from the busyness of modern life. Camp St. Charles is a place to take a break from cell phones and other electronics and get dirty in the great outdoors!

Camp St. Charles, sponsored by the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) a Roman Catholic order, was established in 1952 as a summer camp for boys. Over the years, some things have changed. We've added cabins, built a pool, began a horseback riding program, added a ropes course and girls were invited to join the adventure. Through the changes, the values and mission of Camp St. Charles remain unchanged. Our goal is to create an environment, which expresses Christian values in how we treat each other in our everyday activities. 

Teens and Children Team (TACT)
The Teen's and Children's Team (TACT) is a Salvatorian social justice group focused on the plight of vulnerable children and teens. The group's team members include Salvatorian priests, sisters, brothers and laity who are dedicated to be a voice for this vulnerable population.

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